Our Services

More Than Just Paving

Road maintenance workers perform a variety of services to ensure that County roads are safe, reliable and easy to navigate. Scroll through this page to learn more about how much work there is and why each service is so important to residents and visitors.

CCR crew - brush removal
More than 250 miles of mechanical brushing will be done this year.
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  • Improves sight distance
  • Speeds up snow melt
  • Reduces damage to vehicles
Street Sweeping
Last year, Clackamas County swept more than 2,500 curb miles of road.
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  • Allows for drainage of storm water
  • Controls pollution
  • Improves safety and health
Shoulder Repair
Clackamas County maintains more than 2,400 miles of gravel shoulder.
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  • Improves safety
  • Reduces abrupt edges
  • Provides area outside travel lane to maneuver
More than 46 miles of ditching is planned this year.
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  • Maintains water flow through drainage channels and prevents overflow
  • Controls erosion after heavy storms
Culvert/Storm Sewer Replacement
Clackamas County maintains more than 8,100 culverts and storm sewers.
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  • Provides for natural water flow, and minimizes flooding
  • Allow for safe passage of fish and wildlife
Bridge Maintenance
Clackamas County maintains more than 180 bridges.
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  • Verifies structural integrity
  • Ensures public safety
  • Minimizes deterioration
Surface Treatments
Clackamas County maintains more than 1,400 miles of road.
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  • Repair water damage that washes away the foundation of the road
  • Prevent potholes and vehicle damage
  • Reduce road deterioration and reconstruction prevention
Emergency Response
Clackamas County road workers respond to landslides, snow and ice, and flooding.
  • Driver safety
  • Protect road system integrity