Funding Challenges

Current Funding

Clackamas County relies on three primary sources of revenue for road maintenance — State Gas Taxes, Heavy Weight Mile Taxes, and Registration/Title Fees. These sources of funding do not keep pace with rising costs:

Current Funding Chart(Click on graphic chart to see full view)

Why not move funding from other services or programs?

Oregon law expressly prohibits using property taxes – the County’s largest source of funding – for road maintenance. Similar restrictions apply to other sources of funds the County receives. Consequently it is not possible to reallocate funds intended for other services or programs to finance road maintenance.

Loss of a Major Funding Source

Funds are even more limited now in Clackamas County because, for more than two decades, the County received money from the federal government for formerly timber dependent communities. That funding is all but gone, and has not been replaced.


Road Funding by County

Meanwhile, residents in neighboring counties have voted in additional local funding to support road maintenance in their communities. These local sources supplement state and federal funds.


The Funding Gap

The gap between funds needed for appropriate maintenance and revenues available has widened.

There is currently a $17 million annual funding gap between funds available to the County, and what the County needs to fix, protect and preserve its roads.

Funding gap chart