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From the time we met, Tim had expressed a desire to visit all national parks. Initially, Beth didn’t quite get it. Her idea of an ideal vacation consisted of the beach, a comfy chair, a good book and grown-up snacks. However, after visiting Arches, she was all in. All. In.

In 2019, Tim had the opportunity to leave the corporate world in which he had built a successful career in the field of Information Technology. While thankful for the provision corporate employment has provided for our family, in the fall of 2019, he decided to take a leap, push pause and truly begin the process of visiting all our national parks.

When our children were young, Tim told to me that he wanted us to camp. Camp. Like in a tent? Where there are bugs and stuff? Ok. Maybe I could day-camp, but overnight? Uh, Why??

He said we would make memories. (I figured memories could also be made in a fancy resort). He said his family camped and it was fun. (His mother didn’t recall their camping trips being fun.) Nevertheless, I love the guy, so we tried tent camping. Twice. I survived. We tried popup camping – better. Fast forward through years of Disney until kids are grown and it’s just the two of us. Now what?

In 2018 we tried “glamping”. That is getting closer to being a fit for both of us. Outdoors for Tim. A comfy bed for me. And great safari-like pictures.

We also continued to look at various RV options and one by one ruled out most of them. We decided we aren’t interested in a Class A or C motor home, not even a Class B – at least not now. That brought us to travel trailers.

We had narrowed our options to two manufacturers when word came that the novel coronavirus was in the United States. As the COVID19 situation escalated, it only took about two weeks for all our travel plans to be put on hold.

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Enneagram 7


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a cowgirl. Saturday morning television fed this dream as I watched Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ride the range and defeat the bad guys.

Growing up in the Southeast, not only were there no epic ranges to ride, but more grow-up plans soon replaced the little girl dreams. My high school ambition transitioned into a desire to break barriers women were experiencing in the corporate world. Although my dad wanted me to be a legal secretary, I quietly rebelled and majored in accounting and computer programming. Graduating with honors, I was soon employed as a senior software engineer for one of the top three computer vendors in the world.

After Tim and I had our first child, I put my career on hold in order to be a full-time at-home mom. Initially, I did some contract work, but before long there was baby #2 and I turned all my attention to being a wife and mother.

Now Child#1 is the mother of our grand little humans: #theadorablechild and #anewhope. I must say, being their “Mimi” is the best job ever.