Without needed funding, our roads will suffer.

Clackamas County is at the crossroads of a serious, and very expensive, problem. The county is facing a $17 million annual shortfall for essential road maintenance, due to rapidly escalating costs and the loss of stable funding.

Because the cost of restoring a degraded road is 10 times more than preventive maintenance, our problem becomes bigger by the year and has now reached a critical state.

Delaying maintenance will come at a high price. But the highest price of all will be the safety of our roads.

Smooth pavement, well-marked intersections, unobstructed sight lines and clear lane markings are all critical to maintaining safe roads. Clackamas County lacks the funds to continue maintenance at an appropriate level.

We need to find stable local funding to protect the safety and convenience of our roads, avoid a huge future financial burden, reduce the wear and tear on cars, and protect property values.

Road Funding by the Numbers

The total annual funding gap

These funds are needed for maintaining current service levels and for paving and preservation projects.