Reconstructing roads costs 10 times more than preventive maintenance

Worsening road conditions and the funding needed to address them have become a national story. Road maintenance has long been heavily funded by gas taxes, but as cars have become more fuel efficient, gas taxes haven’t kept up with rising costs.

The Road Ahead has been developed to make sure Clackamas County residents are aware of the funding issues that have and will continue to exist unless we can find a solution together.

Please take some time to learn more about our current funding issues and the associated consequences, so that we can be sure that the road ahead is safe and sound for years to come.

Road Funding by the Numbers

Needed to continue current service levels

Service levels are already greatly reduced; The County is currently unable to perform needed maintenance on local roads.

Needed for paving and preservation projects

Preserving a road today is 10 times less expensive than reconstructing it later.

The total annual funding gap

These funds are needed for maintaining current service levels and for paving and preservation projects.

Finding a Solution

Clackamas County Commissioners see this as a critical issue and are working to identify a long-term solution, with support from County residents. Click below to hear from each Commissioner about the importance of finding a solution to our road funding issues:

John Ludlow, Chair of Board of Commissioners

“By ORS statutes, property taxes cannot be used to pay for roads. Over 94% of the county's income comes from property taxes, but the county simply does not have the funds to do all that has to be done for road maintenance.”

Jim Bernard, Clackamas County Commissioner

“There are many more roads and intersections in the county we would like to improve, but the county simply does not have the funds to do all that is needed to maintain roads. Be street smart, and learn about your roads.”

Paul Savas, Clackamas County Commissioner

“Clackamas County and its partners will be looking at ways to fund road maintenance projects throughout the county. ”

Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner

“Working together we can find stable methods to fund road maintenance projects in Clackamas County while spending public dollars very carefully.”

Tootie Smith, Clackamas County Commissioner

“The condition of our roads is important to all of us who live, work, and play in Clackamas County. Help us choose the road ahead and tell your commissioners what is on your mind.”

Maintenance saves more than reconstruction costs

Well maintained roads:

  • Help protect property values and the livability of a community.
  • Save drivers money. Rough roads cost the average driver $335 a year in added vehicle operating expenses.
  • Enhance safety. Smooth pavement, clear lane markings, well-marked intersections and unobstructed site lines are critical to maintaining safe roads.

We need to find a funding solution.